Goodbye 2017…

Yet another year is coming to an end. And suddenly it is closer to 2020 though it feels as though we just got over the whole crazy Y2K phase just now! Time sure flies and every new year I am reminded of how precious our time on earth is. With global warming, the ever-increasing conflicts, and... Continue Reading →


Why choose pain?

Every time I see bad news online, my heart stops for a moment. There is a pause. When everything, except time, stands still. The time I take to decide whether to click on and read more or to scroll on and avoid more pain. Invariably, it is more painful if I read on. Yet, I... Continue Reading →


  This year has been phenomenal for me in more ways than ever before! The experiences I have gone through during this year are definitely the once in a lifetime kind. Looking back I can confidently say that this will be remembered as one of my defining years! On this last day of the year... Continue Reading →


Scenario - 1 She calls her sister frantically as she manoeuvres through the peak time traffic, hoping to make it on time for the doctors appt. Seeing a new doctor, she wanted to start on a right note. On the way she realized she needed some family background info just in case she had to... Continue Reading →

Stars… always make me smile!

Yes it's true. Stars have always managed to make me smile. What they remind me of is a truth so simple and yet one that we tend to forget ever so often. The simple truth is this. Beauty surrounds each one of us. Beauty that is free and available to all. Beauty that is generous... Continue Reading →

Let it go…

Today I was on a cleaning spree. Yet another one in recent times actually. Since November I've been slowly and methodically clearing out the spaces around me. This could be an outcome of the fact that I've been clearing out a lot of the spaces in my mind and perhaps now it's become more mutual.... Continue Reading →

Have you?

Have you ever felt The raw ache of a hurting heart? The dull constant ache you feel Every time you breathe. Have you ever known The itch felt by tearful eyes? The dry painful itch you get After spending hours with lonely tears. Have you ever heard The sorrow of shattering dreams? The stark imprint... Continue Reading →


"...Think of it, after all what is the point of life if we can't share it with someone we like? Rather I should say we all need one witness to our lives..."

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